Track flight delays and weather in real-time with this MiseryMap

It's a miserable time to fly

Approximately zero people enjoy flying over the holidays. Not only is it more expensive and the airports more crowded, in many areas, the weather is also just worse. How bad is it and where? FlightAware's Misery Map shows you in real-time.

The map shows the proportion of on-time flights at major airports compared to delays and cancellations. The East Coast is particularly hit hard right now thanks to the Nor'easter wrecking havoc. The map is also interactive, so if you hover over an area, you can see the routes that are particularly miserable.


It might not be as useful a tool for travelers as, say, FlightStats. On the other hand, it could make those of us who aren't flying this holiday season more thankful. Stay safe and calm, all you travelers. And Happy Thanksgiving to all

Update: FlightAware, the live flight tracking tool behind the map, does have more in-depth information, including flight history, real-time cancellations, and much more tracking than what's on the MiseryMap alone.

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