Why a Post-It note is your best friend in a Skype interview

How the handy yellow square saves you from two key mistakes

Job interviews are nerve-wracking enough, but now many are happening via Skype, lending a whole new set of concerns and potential pitfalls.

Vivian Giang of Business Insider has a series of tips on how to avoid common problems, two of which are solved via a simple Post-It note.

Because most of us aren't on Skype often, the "Hey, look, there I am!" novelty of seeing yourself on screen can be distracting. If you're preoccupied with yourself in a corner of the screen, you'll have the attention span of a kitten spotting a laser pointer, which doesn't project the image you want to your interviewer. It's the equivalent of gazing at yourself in a hand mirror during an in-person interview.

To battle this, Giang recommends using a Post-It to cover your image onscreen.

And while you're grabbing one Post-It to cover yourself up onscreen, grab a second to place near the camera with a big arrow. Another common Skype interview problem is not looking at the camera, bur rather the interviewer’s face on your screen.

It makes sense, that's what you do in person. However, given your camera's position, if you look at the person on screen, you'll be looking down on their screen, again, not projecting a great image.

"On the other hand, when you look directly at the camera, you will appear to be looking your contact in the eye," Giang says.

To remember that, grab that second Post-It and place it near your camera with a big arrow - a visual reminder of where to look.

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via Business Insider

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