How to find out why you didn't get the job

A nonthreatening way to get the constructive criticism you need

It's one thing to have a decent job interview and not get the job, but a whole other level of frustration when you think you nailed it, yet still do not hear, "You're hired."

This scenario would leave any professional wondering one thing: Why didn't I get the job?

Lauren Levine of SparkHire says it is OK to ask for feedback from your interviewer and she tells you how to do just that.

"If you’ve made it to the second or third round of interviews and are then passed over, this is an ideal time to figure out what went wrong," she says. "If you made it this far, it means that your skills and experience were in line with what that company was looking for. This means it’s time to figure out what you could have done differently in order to land the job."

Levine says the key to getting constructive criticism is to ask the right way. She suggests:

"If you have any feedback for me, I’d greatly appreciate so I can become a stronger candidate in the future. "

"This is a nonthreatening way of asking, and is far more effective than saying, 'Why didn’t you offer me the job? What did I do wrong?'," she notes.

via SparkHire

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