Want an IT job? Do an end-around on HR

Why finding a back door into your next IT job is the way to go

Job Tips For Geeks’ Dave Fecak says if you want to find your next IT job, sneak through the backdoor.

"After many years in the business I’ve learned that if you ask privately (meaning not within earshot of HR), most technical managers don’t want candidates to come through the front door either," Fecak writes. "They would rather you came through a back door, and if necessary to hiring protocol they will later introduce you to the front door guardians to ensure passage.  HR mans the front door, but the geeks own the back doors."

Fecak should know, after all, he wrote the book.

So, next question: How do you find the back door? The first - and easiest - is via a referral. Boom, your chances for an interview skyrocket if you've got someone who can open the door from the inside.

But if you're still locked out, there's always a cold call, which Fecak defines as "introducing yourself through some means to a person you’ve never met."

It's not ideal, but if you do your research and are smart, it can work. Potential cold call methods include social media, industry sites and newsgroups, GitHub and more.

However you approach it, Fecak says one rule applies across the board: "Regardless of the cold call method, don't send a resume on the first pass. Let them ask for it."

Click below for specific ways to exploit various cold call approaches to improve your chances.

via Job Tips for Geeks

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