Beats Music coming in January to challenge Spotify and a host of others

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If you're not happy with Spotify or Rdio or Mog or Rhapsody or Music Unlimited or Google Music or Xbox Music or...well, the list just goes on and on, doesn't it? If you're not happy with any of the many streaming music services available, there's good news for you this week. Beats Music is coming in January.

So why would you want to choose Beats over one of the existing options? Honestly that's not clear to me yet and I don't think we'll really know until the service launches and we can all take it for a spin. Beats will tell you their strength lies in music discovery thanks to an emphasis on human curation, according to a post on GigaOm. But wasn't that what was supposed to set Google Music apart?

Maybe it'll be the names associated with Beats that draws you in. Trent Reznor is apparently Creative Director and Topspin Media's Ian Rogers is CEO. Jimmy Iovine is co-founder. Does any of this really matter? It doesn't to me, but maybe it does to you.

What might matter is the partnership between Beats Music and AT&T, though no one seems to know the details of that partnership. Maybe you'll get a great deal on a subscription if you're an AT&T customer. That might motivate me to switch.

In any event, better safe than sorry so you should head over to the website and reserve your name today, before all the good ones are taken. Then you can read Roger's blog post about the upcoming launch.

If you subscribe to a music service, which one did you pick? I confess I'm subscribed to two: Google Music and Music Unlimited. I got a great deal on an annual subscription to the latter but I doubt I'll renew it. I'm pretty happy with Google Music; I uploaded my personal collection so my obscure stuff is available, and I like their recommendations as well. Their "genre" sections have lots of granularity; I can just pick "Rock" or I can fine-tune that to "'70s rock" or "surf rock" or whatever. I also have SiriusXM for the car and added the 'web' service to that as well, for those times I want to let someone DJ for me. Elizabeth Cook's "Apron Strings" show on Outlaw Country is enough to justify that sub; she cracks me up.

Anyway what do you use, and why do you like it? Will you try out Beats Music next month?

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