Facebook is auto-playing videos on mobile. You can turn it off (sort of)

Ready for auto-playing video ads?

If you browse Facebook on your phone, you might notice a new feature: videos automatically playing. If you find this annoying or want to save your battery life, there's a setting where you can turn this off...in a way.

The good news is the videos don't play automatically with sound. They'll play as you scroll your Facebook feed and if you click the video it'll open up full screen with the audio.

This feature is also pretty interesting, because you can watch videos in public without having to turn down the sound.

The bad news is, this can burn your mobile data more quickly. In that case, head to the Facebook app's settings on Android or iOS and switch the option to auto-play videos only when you're on Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, there's nowhere to turn off auto-play completely, and this feature, TechCrunch reports will likely be used for auto-playing video ads in Facebook. Ugh.

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