Why your resume should resemble a movie ad

How testimonials can advance you in candidate screening

Check out the critics' glowing blurbs in a print or TV movie ad and it may make you think twice about a film you had disregarded.

"The best movie of the year!" - Time

"An unprecedented triumph." - Variety

Louise Fletcher, resume expert and managing editor of Career Hub, says testimonials can provide the same benefit for job hunters.

"If you add positive quotes about your work to your resume, you show recruiters that someone else thinks highly of you," she writes. "Testimonials also convey your personality and work ethic in a compelling and convincing way."

Now, if you're used to a traditional resume, right about now you're thinking, "Seriously?" Fletcher admits not every hiring manager or recruiter will like the idea, but she says it is an approach that works.

"Your resume will never please all of the people all of the time," she says. "Your goal is to attract the attention of some of them – and win the interview. In my experience, well-chosen testimonials are one of the very best ways to do this!"

So you're sold on the idea of trying this - where do you get your recommendations? Fletcher says LinkedIn is best because a hiring manager can verify them via your profile and they cannot be edited by the subject, i.e., you. Other sources include old performance reviews or even thank-you letters from colleagues or clients.

Click below for more testimonial advice and examples of where to put recommendations on your resume.

via The Savvy Intern

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