Forget Safari: Here are the best 5 browsers for iPhones and iPads

These 5 great alternatives all give you plenty of things that Safari can't

If you're looking to be more productive on your iPad or iPhone, forget Safari. Instead, get any one of these three great alternative browsers.

Mercury Web Browser

You don't hear much about this Safari alternative, and that's too bad. It's stacked with great features, including syncing bookmarks with Firefox and Chrome, file sharing, and an ad blocker. There's useful Facebook and Twitter integration, and the ability to customize it with any of 11 themes. Add to that the ability to open up to 10 tabs and to download straight to Dropbox, and you've got a winner of a browser.


Chrome is just as impressive on iOS as it is on PCs, Macs, and Android devices. One big plus is its ability to sync bookmarks, history lists, open tabs, and passwords to Chrome on all those platforms. If you use multiple devices, you'll find this a big productivity booster. I'm also a big fan of its ability to switch quickly between mobile-optimized versions of Web sites and traditional computer versions.


The best reason to use this browser is the way you can navigate the Web and do more with simple gestures. Draw a downward arrow to get to the bottom of a Web page, for example. There's more to like as well, including its Webzine feature that grabs external feeds and displays them in a constant stream.


Atomic has so many productivity-boosters, it's tough to single out the best one, but for me it's probably the offline reading feature, which lets you save Web pages so that you can later read them offline. It's got an ad blocker, lets you download straight to Dropbox, and customizable themes.

Opera Mini

There's one big reason to get this browser: Speed. I found it to be the fastest of the bunch, which is no surprise, given how speedy Opera is on other platforms. Apart from that, it's got some drawbacks, including problems with audio and video. But if you're looking for speed, this is the one to get.

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