The hidden advantage of job hunting over the holidays

How you can use December to your advantage when trying to land a new job

December is not the job-hunting wasteland that it purports to be.

Job seekers may think hiring managers are too tied up with year-end duties to worry about filling open jobs, but that is not the case, writes AOL Jobs' Bill Hartnett.

He says the month is a great time for making progress on a job search. Just because many people are off the last week of the month doesn't mean you have to be dormant, too.

"Plenty of people are still in the office and chances are they have some free time," he says. "This is a terrific time to meet with people when they aren't rushed. Not everyone will be around, so spread your net wide and nail down some meetings."

Instead of putting off scheduling interviews, submitting resumes and following-up with leads, Hartnett advises you try to schedule interviews between Christmas and the New Year. Not only will you look like an industrious go-getter, you also may get a Yes. Even if you can’t get an interview, just the request will be a check in your favor.

If you can't land an interview, Hartnett says December is a perfect time for touching base with your network: old contacts, colleagues and anyone who may be able to help find you a new job. The season is the perfect reason to drop a note and re-establish contact.

"You don't need a reason other than to wish them well. While you're at it suggest a get together," he says.

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via AOL Jobs

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