It's now easy to switch from Gmail to

If you aren't happy with Gmail, Microsoft says step right this way

The hard part about changing service providers is leaving your data behind, which is why most people don't do it (and still use things like AOL for their email). Microsoft is taking that barrier away if you want to switch away from Gmail. will now import your Gmail inbox (complete with read/unread status), your Google contacts, and even let you send from your Gmail address from within if you'd like to.

Citing growing frustration with "outdated email services", Microsoft says offers the features users want most from their personal email service: no interfering ads, advanced spam filters, an easy user interface, and no scanning email contents to serve up ads.

If that sounds attractive to you, head here to start importing your Gmail messages into a new set of subfolders or straight into the inbox. The import tool seems pretty simple.

I'm not sure how many people are going to jump on this bandwagon, but seeing as moving to a new email service is a hassle, this is a smart play by Microsoft. Are you going to make the switch?

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