The most subtle resume error of all time

An unthinking oversight that could affect your job chances.

Resumes are all about detail and a job seeker's goal is to get every single facet right. The more finer points you execute, the greater the chance you will catch the attention of the screener and land an interview.

We've written about many (many, many) resume errors, but this one is a misstep even we did not consider:

Picking a lazy file name

Yes, this goes beyond font, spelling, format, verb tense, you name it. This is a Faberge-egg-level of detail that you may not have considered, but one is certainly worth noting.

Fast Company's Drake Baer says that everything the screener knows about you at this point is electronic. (And, ideally, you didn't send the e-mail from your private account with the less-than-professional address.)

Sending a resume with a file name such as "resumev1" or "resume2013" is like asking someone to pick out a snowflake from the tundra. Which one? Oh, the white one.

"This makes you look clueless to how other people experience your work. Instead, help them out: re-title that file to your first and last name," Baer adds.

Labeling your resume with your first and last name is considerate, professional and shows you pay attention to detail - a key point in your favor with a screener.

via Fast Company

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