iPhone 5S could enjoy a 31% speed boost

In addition to getting faster, the iPhone is also reported to get a motion capture processor. And a real pretty case.

The grand coming out party for Apple's iPhone 5S, along with the reported low-end 5C, is set for September 10, but I must admit, after having been witness to the original iPhone unveiling in 2007, everything else is just repetition. I can't imagine Tim Cook having any surprises left, given the ridiculous amount of leaks around the phones.

The latest comes courtesy of Fox News weekend anchor Clayton Morris, who says sources tell him the A7 chip in the iPhone 5S will be 31% faster than the A6 processor in the iPhone 5. This drew quite a collection of responses from Android supporters in the Twitter thread.

There is some question as to whether Apple can squeeze that much performance out of the chip. Apple's Ax processors are based on the ARM Cortex-A8 and Qualcomm has gotten a lot of mileage and gigahertz out of that line. But you have to balance it with a small phone (which means small battery) and power consumption.

Morris sent out a second tweet claiming there would be a separate chip for motion detection. "Should be an interesting camera upgrade," he added.

To be honest, as an iPhone 4S user, the speeds are not my main issue. I was very disappointed when the iPhone 5 came out and was stretched in one dimension, length, but not in width. The iPhone has clearly been a laggard in screen size and it badly needed to grow in size, but in both directions, not one. That's why I skipped the 5 in hopes the next generation phone would be wider. However, that's not the case: the 5S is the same dimensions as the 5.

The iPhone is also going to get a little more bling. A Japanese Website called Weekly Ascii has published pictures of what is purported to be the lineup of iPhone 5S models in black, white and gold. BGR has since come out with much better pictures. The gold model is definitely a departure from the past, when Apple seemed to follow the Henry Ford model. He once joked you can have any color Model T you want, so long as it's in black.

Meanwhile, a Chinese site called Apple Daily, had pictures of the iPhone 5C, rumored to be a lower-end and cheaper model. It will come in five colors -- blue, green, red, white and yellow – and with a scratch resistant plastic body.

The diversity of the models, especially the gold iPhone 5S, is a welcomed change. It almost reminds me of the fun Apple had with the iPods, back when they were a viable part of the company. There's a big aftermarket in tricked out cases for the iPhone, as Bling Cases shows. I just wonder if it will keep people from putting their phone in a protective case because they want to show off the gold.

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