How to boost your LinkedIn profile

Tips for attracting more LinkedIn profile views, traffic

LinkedIn is the place for finding job opportunities and expanding your professional network, but even its sizable potential is diminished if you're not using the site to its fullest.

AOL Jobs' Miriam Salpeter shares several ways LinkedIn users can literally raise their profile and traffic stats to best spread their reach.

Complete your profile

Fill in all the required fields and do everything the site asks until it declares your profile is 100% complete. Why?

"When your profile is not complete, you will be harder to find on LinkedIn," Salpeter notes.

And upload a profile picture, "friendly, but professional looking," she adds. No, not that one from the tailgate last year.

Write an engaging profile with good keywords

This is where you become very interested in SEO.

"Create a headline (the information right under your name) that makes it clear why someone should want to learn more about you," she writes. "Don't use your current job title as your headline; be descriptive and tell people why you're great at what you do. When you compose your descriptive headline, or pitch, be sure to include keywords, the words people are most likely to use when they search for someone with your background."

Tweak your profile

Again, put on your SEO hat and review your stats. If you're not getting enough eyeballs, refine it until you get better results.

"Keep an eye on how often your profile comes up in search and how many people view your profile (You can see this information when you view your profile - scroll down and look on the right side of your screen.)," she advises. "If the numbers are low, update your titles and your headline and tweak your descriptions to try to capture additional search traffic."

Post updates

This is not a brochure site, keep it fresh. Salpeter urges users to share ideas, articles and other relevant links to their network via the update feature.

"The point is to share insights and information with your network," she notes.

Plus, you come off as smart, engaged, involved and interesting.

via AOL Jobs

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