An unexpected way to motivate your employees

If enthusiasm is waning, here's a win-win worth a try

Every employee truly is different and each most likely is motivated by different methods.

There are the usual suspects, such as money, but business consultancy EDP offers up a unique solution that not only directly benefits the employee, but also colleagues, management and budget.

Give the employee new responsibilities

Really? We’re going to give them more work and they’ll be happier?

It's easy for professionals to grow stagnant when they're busily tasked with the same work day-in, day-out. EDP argues that additional roles will offer employees new skills and development: "New projects and more responsibility can help to improve motivation, while regular workshops can help to disseminate information and improve skills among your employees."

"Great," you say, "but my training budget was the first thing cut this year. I can't afford workshops or seminars. What now?"

Use your employees as your trainers.

One simple way to develop employees and give them new responsibilities is to cross-train them with others in your department or under your management.

Employee A now has new skills to try out. Employee B has a backup for heavy workloads or vacation time and now also has training and development experience. And you, the smart manager, can note you've created departmental failover and trained your staff, all without adding to the headcount or affecting your budget.

If you're wondering how to sell this to reluctant employees, it's easy. If all else fails, remind them they can put all new skills on their resume (and you can, too).

via Under 30 CEO

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