The 8 most common reasons your resume is tossed

Top resume mistakes that lead directly to the circular file

Nearly 6 out of 10 hiring managers say they will automatically throw out a resume if it contains misspelled words.

There's little room for resume error, according to the latest CareerBuilder study, which examined why companies disqualify job candidates.

"Your resume is the primary deciding factor for whether you will land a job interview," said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of HR at CareerBuilder. "It’s important to project a professional image. Keep it succinct, personalize it to feature only skills and experience relevant to the position you’re applying for, and always include specific, quantifiable results that showcase the value you can bring to an organization."

The firm interviewed more than 2,000 hiring managers this summer, asking them for the top mistakes that lead them to automatically disqualify a candidate from consideration.

  • Resumes that have typos - 58%
  • Resumes that are generic and don’t seem personalized for the position - 36%
  • Resumes that don’t include a list of skills - 35%
  • Resumes that copied a large amount of wording from the job posting - 32%
  • Resumes that have an inappropriate email address - 31%
  • Resumes that don’t include exact dates of employment - 27%
  • Resumes printed on decorative paper - 22%
  • Resumes that include a photo - 13%

Another key resume error that has nothing to do with the words on the page: how it is submitted. One in four managers surveyed said they only accept resumes electronically. Any sent in the mail are not only unread, but also unopened. Make sure you pay attention to a company's submission guidelines.

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