Steve Ballmer reinvents himself [CARTOON]

Microsoft’s soon-to-be ex-CEO follows Miley Cyrus’s lead and gives twerking a try

Credit: Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

Two big names all over the news in the last week or so were Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who announced his impending retirement from the company, and former child TV star/singer Miley Cyrus who, er, tried to reinvent herself with a really strange performance on the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). I couldn’t help but think about how different these two people dominating the recent headlines were so, naturally, I had to bring them together somehow in this week’s cartoon. After all, after 30+ years at Microsoft, Ballmer is surely due to let his hair down (figuratively, obviously) and reinvent himself, right? Perhaps he can learn something from Miley. Or, on second thought, maybe it’s best that he doesn’t.

Of course, a few other things happened in the tech world this week. Let’s review.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced last week that he’s retiring. He said he’s looking forward to spending more time making poor strategic decisions for his family.

Linux turned 22 this week. The Linux community got together and made Linus Torvalds a cake, which he improved and gave back to the community.

Nissan says they will start selling self-driving cars by 2020. The best part: you won’t need to be there for the test drive.

The iPhone 5S will reportedly be 31% faster than the iPhone 5. It’s such a big spike in performance, Major League Baseball is investigating.

Facebook has asked for feedback on proposed changes to its privacy policy. Before giving your feedback, you have to read and accept their privacy policy’s privacy policy.

Google founder Sergey Brin is reportedly living apart from his wife and involved with another woman. His wife knew something was up when he launched Google Infidelity.

Google and Apple have started to lift restrictions on what they offer in Iran. Once they saw the Miley Cyrus-VMA video, however, Iran asked for the restrictions to be put back in place.

The NSA has reportedly been spying on the UN. So far, all they listened in on was the Chinese delegation’s fantasy football draft.

The New York Times website was hacked on Tuesday, reportedly by the Syrian Electronic Army. Apparently, they disagreed with the Times coverage of Kinky Boots.

"Selfie," "emoji" and "bitcoin" have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Ironically, they’ve also officially removed the word "dictionary".

Enjoy the long Labor Day weekend, everyone (er, everyone in the U.S.) - and don’t let the vision of Steve Ballmer grinding against Robin Thicke ruin it.

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