Gamestick Android micro-console ships in a month

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Ouya, the Android gaming console (I guess the currently fashionable term is 'micro-console') has been available from retailers for a few months now. I don't have current figures, but as of the middle of July NPD was reporting "relatively light" sales (according to It's important to note that NPD doesn't count direct sales from Ouya's site but the sense I get from the gaming community backs up NPD. The Ouya isn't exactly on fire yet.

And now things are going to become more challenging, because the Gamestick is launching. The last time we talked about Gamestick it was to report a delay that gave Ouya a bigger window of opportunity. That window is now closing.

Gamestick says Kickstarter backers should have their units in-hand by the middle of September and orders will start shipping from retailers on September 30th. It'll be interesting to see if Gamestick can generate more traction than the Ouya has.

Of course Android gamers with deeper pockets also have to factor in Nvidia's $299 Shield, though it's portable form-factor (plus that fact that it's 3x more expensive than Ouya) makes it a different kind of gaming experience.

I Kickstarted the Ouya and was pretty excited about it, but I must confess it doesn't get much use; it just can't compete with my 'mainstream' consoles. Anyone else out there a fan of Android micro-consoles, and if so, which one(s)?

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