Google+ is now an awesome online photo editor

New photo editing tools, plus the already great photo management, make Google+ truly useful

Google+ has been on a roll lately when it comes to photography. Recently it launched its Auto Awesome features that automatically find and manipulate the best photos from your compilations (my favorite is the motion one which turns a set of pictures into an animation). This week, the social networking site became a full-fledged online photo editor.

google+ photo editing
Googler Josh Haftel announced the new photo editing tools, which are pretty impressive. In addition to the common features like setting contrast and cropping photos, you can edit select parts of a photo using control points (click and drag items to edit a region's contrast, brightness, saturation, and more)--a technology Google gained when it bought Snapseed from Nik Software.

Customizatble filters do things like blur around an object or add a tilt-shift effect to your photos.

The best part of these new tools is they're very fine-tunable, yet easy to use. So good, in fact, that you might not need to open up Photoshop (or spring for it) just to get your photos to look a certain way. You can also now customize Google+'s auto-enhance settings.

With automatic photo upload from the Google+ mobile apps, the auto photo enhancements, and now these sophisticated editing tools, you might just want to upload your photos to Google+. Check it out at

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