5 simple ways to energize your employees

Easy, everyday improvements that will motivate your team

Motivated people are productive employees. So if things seem a little blah around the cubes are of late, run through this checklist to see how you can boost the morale, output and energy of your direct reports.


Are your employees in the loop or is information as tightly controlled as your budget? Staffers who don't know the latest news or the most-pressing objectives will be unenthusiastic and unmotivated, notes workplace experts EDP. Share - and keep sharing - as much company news, progress and goals as you can. Staffers who feel in the loop will feel an all-important sense of ownership and buy-in with your team.


Employees who do the same tasks day in and day out will get stagnant and bored - two adjectives you're looking to avoid when it comes to personnel.

Offering people new training and responsibilities that will engage their minds and interests. Even something as simple as cross-training team members to cover for one another will engage employees and provide a solid fail-safe.


When's the last time you told a direct report, "Nice job"? If you can't remember, it's time to remedy that. “Recognition is a fundamental human need that reinforces positive actions and leads to their repetition, while a lack of recognition will have a negative impact on employee wellbeing and performance,” EDP writes.

In addition to praise, don't be shy about offering constructive criticism and feedback to help staffers improve their performance. Professionals want to improve and they can’t if they don’t know what they’re doing wrong.

The wrong motivation

What motivates one employee won't drive another. If you're unsure what influences your team, meet with them individually and find out. Then, find a way to offer the incentive they desire.


Solid leadership is an amalgamation of the four previous traits. Focusing on improving those four factors will result in this, the fifth. Building your leadership skills this way will result in a far more motivated, productive team.

via Under30CEO

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