Bummer. Sony has no plans to release Vita TV outside of Asia.

Credit: Source: Sony Japan

The other day I wrote about the Vita TV and if you read that post, you probably picked up on my enthusiasm for the product. I really want one!

So I was really disappointed to learn that Sony has no current plans to release the Vita TV in North America or Europe. Vita TV comes out in Japan on November 14, 2013, and following that debut they'll introduce it in other Asian markets, but nowhere else. Of course these plans could change and there's always the possibility of importing one.

This news comes from an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment's President and CEO Andrew House, as reported by Tech-On!.

Interestingly, and in contrast to what I see as the Vita TV's strengths, House does consider the Vita TV to be in competition with Apple TV and Google's Chromecast. In response to my last post, a comment from Jason Taclas led me to this Sony PDF which lists a much greater number of supported streaming services for Vita TV than the handheld Vita now supports in the US. (Thanks Jason!)

This may be why Sony has no plans to bring Vita TV out in other regions; if they really are going after the Apple TV market, they need more services than they currently offer in North America (and, I assume, Europe). It may be more a matter of them needing to line up more partners before offering the device in other regions. That's my hope, anyway, because I really want one of these things to stream my PS4 to.

House shared some potentially good news about Vita TV too. He said that Sony is considering bringing its streaming game support (currently intended to launch for the PS4 sometime in 2014) to the Vita TV. That would mean you'd be able to play some PS3 games on the device. I wonder if this means PS3 game streaming will come to the existing handheld Vita as well?

House also confirmed that Vita TV would support Playstation Mobile games (like the Vita does) and that while at launch the Vita TV would only support Playstation 3 controllers, Playstation 4 controller support would eventually be added.

So great, the Vita TV sounds even better! Now we just need Sony to come to its senses and release it outside of Asia!

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