How to tell if a co-worker is gunning for you

Red flags that delineate problem from paranoia

Workplace intrigue and cloak-and-dagger office politics always seem a little too made-for-TV to exist. Until, that is, you have an incident with a colleague that trips your radar, and you wonder: Am I watching too much Breaking Bad or is this person really out to get me?

Monster's Catherine Conlan offers several suggestions that will help you gauge if you have a potential problem on your hands.

Your co-worker makes a point of highlighting your errors

Be wary of someone who consistently publicizes your errors - large or small - to many third parties.

"Red flags include forwarding an e-mail from you to a wide variety of people with inaccuracies highlighted, questioning errors in your work publicly instead of a private e-mail, and pointing out your mistakes to superiors in meetings," she notes.

Your co-worker is badmouthing you behind your back

Office gossip will always exist, but if you're hearing the same whispers from several colleagues, "it may be time for some direct questions to your boss to figure out what’s being said about you - and who’s saying it," she notes.

Your co-worker is suddenly interested in your private life

Conlan says a disgruntled co-worker may be digging for dirt. Don't hand them a shovel.

"You might also find that your co-worker asks you about things you’re sure you’ve talked about only on Facebook, so ensure that your settings protect your privacy," she adds.

via Monster

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