How to find the best LinkedIn groups

This tool helps you find the LinkedIn groups that are actually worth joining--ones with little spam and lots of engagement

Joining LinkedIn groups is one of the best ways to boost your career networking, but the sad truth is, there are tons of LinkedIn groups that might be relevant to your field--and lots of them are filled with nothing but spammy self-promotion. Fortunately, this LinkedIn tool can help you identify the groups to skip and the ones worth becoming a member of.

As AvidCareerist's Donna Svei points out, when you want to know about how engaged (i.e., active) a group's members are--and how spammy it is--all you have to do is click on the "View Group Statistics" button on the bottom right of the group's homepage.

You'll then be whisked off to a dashboard showing lots of stats, including how many members are in the group, how many comments they've posted, how the group has grown (or declined) recently, and more.

Perhaps the most important tab to visit is the "Activity" one, where you'll see how many discussions and comments were posted to the group in the last week, and how many of them were jobs or promotions. A group with lots of comments compared to the number of discussions suggests it's one with high member engagement--one worth your time visiting:


It's definitely worth joining select LinkedIn groups, but with so many groups to join, Donna's guide and this LinkedIn tool can help you narrow down the best ones.

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