Improve your LinkedIn profile by 700%

One simple addition that will skyrocket your profile views

You're on LinkedIn to get noticed, so take the advice of the site's career expert and do the one thing that will increase the chances of your profile being viewed by 700%.

Include a photo with your profile.

It's easy, yet it's something not everyone does - probably the same people who had the grey box and the words "Camera Shy" over their name in the yearbook.

Why is it so important? People are visual, they like to put names with faces. Notes Forbes writer Deborah Jacobs, "The more employers can envision you, based on your photograph, in a particular role, the more apt you are to get hired."

That said, LinkedIn career expert Nicole Williams urges users to avoid a major temptation when uploading a photo: Don't upload a photo if it no longer resembles you.

Let's use a real estate analogy. Imagine seeing a home for sale online, everything looks shiny, new and in move-in condition. Excited, you arrange for a tour only to discover a fixer-upper. How do you feel? That's how potential clients, contacts or employers will feel if you pull the same move, Williams says.

Instead of using an out-of-date photo, Williams offers suggestions for capturing a current, engaging one.

Get your hair and makeup professionally done.

Get a friend or family member to take your picture.

Cameras are good enough these days you don't have to spend the money on a pro if you don't want to.

Think of something happy when you look at the camera.

This will help you avoid that fake, forced smile your kids sport on Picture Day. Envisioning something you enjoy produces a genuine smile that makes it to your eyes, not just your mouth.

If you don't love a shot in color, make it black and white, you might like it better. Plus, you'll look cool.

via Forbes

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