The most effective LinkedIn tricks for pros 50+

What to highlight – or omit – on a 50+ LinkedIn profile

If you're over 50 and trying to find a new job, there's one piece of advice that transcends age: use LinkedIn and other social media.

Not only are they the best places for job hunting today, their use makes you look current and defines ageism stereotypes.

LinkedIn career expert Nicole Williams recently shared a few tips for how older pros can use the site most effectively.

Include a photo.

Ensure it's one that looks like you today and presents you at your very best. (Head here for more specific, easy suggestions.)

Truncate your work experience in the Summary. Instead of a laundry list of whats, wheres and whens, write about your career growth in a way that best highlights your talents and expertise. Don't include the years of different jobs, which if older than a decade will highlight your age, not downplay it.

Cast a wide net. Smart job hunters tailor their resumes to specific jobs. That's a common, basic resume tip but one that doesn't apply to LinkedIn, Williams notes, adding, "LinkedIn is a modern-day Yellow Pages."

Instead of focusing on one area and listing only related skills and positions, create your profile so you list all careers and industries in which you've worked, as well as specific skill sets for each. You never know when skills or experience in a seemingly unrelated area will catch the idea of a potential client or employer.

via Forbes

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