The No. 1 foolproof resume format and why you should use it

Inside the file type you should use for your resume

It's time for another round of Obscure-Yet-Crucial Resume advice.

Once again, we all know spelling is critical, after all, more than half of hiring managers will immediately disregard a candidate if they spot a typo.

But what good is a resume - even a perfectly-spelled one - if your potential employer can't open it?

Certified Professional Resume Writer Drew Roark says there is one file type job hunters should use for their resume - PDF.

Roark notes that Macs and PCs both have built-in PDF readers, which means a hiring manager on either platform will be able to open it, which is not the case for every file type.

"While each file type has its advantages and disadvantages, which type is 'best' is irrelevant," he notes. "Your resume should be prepared in the file type that is most likely to be usable by employers.

Click below to read what file types you should avoid at all costs.

via DrewRoarkCPRW

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