5 great free apps for customizing Android

Want to get more out of your Android device? Try these 5 free apps for bending it to your will.

Android is the most customizable smartphone OS, but if you want more ways to master it, I've got help. Here are five free apps that will help you customize Android and be more productive.

GO Locker

What can a lock screen do other than lock your screen? Plenty, as you'll find out with this app. Display the weather including live animations, launch apps right from the lock screen, go to your text messages, and more. It also gives you many new themes you can use for your lock screen as well.

SO.HO (SOHO Social Homescreen)

Tired of having to check separate apps for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram updates and information? Then try this out SO.HO. It grabs updates from those social networking sites and posts them on your home screen. But it does more than that as well. You'll also be able to tweet, post Facebook updates and more without having to go to those individual apps.


This one lets you change how your home screen and app drawer look and work. You can customize them in countless ways, with many themes and skins. You can also put apps into different app groups, hide apps, create custom icons and labels, customize the Dock, use a multitude of transitions on the Home screen...I could go on, but you get the picture.

Photosphere Live Wallpaper

Android has the ability to take photospheres, panoramic 360-degree panoramic photos. Wouldn't it be great if you could use them as your live wallpaper? With this free app, you can. It puts a fully rotating, 360-degree wallpaper on your home screen, and scroll through it in 3D. You'll also be able to control the animation. Keep in mind that the images will be only as good as you make them, because what you get with the app itself is limited. You'll do best if you can create them with Android 4.2's and above photo-stitching capabilities.


Want more wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds for your Android device? Then you'll want Zedge. It has a monstrously large selection of them for free, and they're generally of an extremely high quality. In addition to downloading and using them, you can share them with others using Twitter, Facebook, and other apps.

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