Wharton offers free MBA classes online this fall

Free Wharton classes on marketing, finance and more on tap.

If you have the time to pursue an MBA, but not the money, the fabled Wharton School of Business has news for you.

The school has announced it will offer full, free courses in its Wharton MBA Foundation series online. The fundamental business offerings will be taught by Wharton staff and run between 6 and 10 weeks.

Notes online learning site Coursera, which is hosting the series: "Whether you’re looking to explore accounting or build a foundation for future academic or career pursuits, these courses, taught by faculty from one of the top business schools in the world, can provide you with the fundamentals of business and management."

Would you benefit from the news? See if you fall into the following categories:

You want to earn an MBA.

You're thinking about an MBA.

How better to gauge the course load or time commitment than by giving it a whirl without a six-figure price tag?

You don't want an MBA, but you'd like MBA-type experience and a resume boost.

The online courses would be a good resume-builder, regardless of any future degree plans. Coursera says anyone who completes a course will earn a Verified Certificate that states they have mastered the course material.

Here are the upcoming courses, click the link below for information on registration, course descriptions and more.

  • Introduction to Operations Management (starts 9/30)
  • Introduction to Marketing (starts 10/14)
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance (starts 10/28)

via Coursera

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