4 ways to stand out from your peers

Inside the qualities every manager wants in an employee

We saw a link that proclaimed James Caan had written a story on management and leadership and we were in. In.

Sonny Corleone on leadership. We'd read that every day and twice on Sunday. Of course, no doubt, any pearls of wisdom would be too after-dark to share on a nice, family IT site such as this.

Except: "No more meetin's, no more discussions, no more Sollozzo tricks. You give them a message from I want Solozzo if not it's all out war we go to the mattresses."

See, even Sonny Corleone knows businesses need to cut down on meetings.

So, we hopped into the story to find that yes, it was written by James Caan, but, no, not that one.

However, this non-acting James Caan did share excellent insight into the four qualities management wants from employees - excellent points to ponder if you want to stand out from your peers or land a new job.

Think about it: If you asked your boss, "What do you want from me?" what are the chances he or she could boil it down to specific virtues rather than, "I want you to get HR off my back" or "Finish the rollout"?

Therefore, here are Caan's top picks for qualities every employer covets (but may not be able to list off the top of their head).


Enthusiastic, motivated employees are contagious, for colleagues and management.


Caan says self-starters are prized employees. Why? Less work for managers.

"Every manager wants workers who have the initiative to organize their workload and go about their business without the need for constant supervision," he notes.


Caan says this is particularly true if you work in a service-based industry.

"Someone who is prepared to stick at it even when times are tough, and who will go that extra mile for themselves and the company is a huge asset," he says.


A unique personality will make you stand out from your peers, Caan says: "There is nothing wrong with mavericks and strong characters."

Lastly, we both know the best leadership advice to come from The Godfather was, "Leave the gun, take the cannoli." But that came from Clemenza, not Sonny.

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