5 great productivity apps redesigned for iOS 7

iOS 7's beauty is more than skin deep. Here are five productivity apps that take advantage of the new OS.

No need to wait to take advantage of iOS 7's new features and design. I've rounded up five productivity apps that have been redesigned to help you get more work done with the new OS.

Omnifocus 2

This task-management tool has redesigned its entire interface to make it more iOS 7-friendly, with a flatter white design. The changes go deeper than the look and feel, though. Navigation has been reorganized as well, and a number of bugs squashed.


This enterprise-level mobile device mangement/application management (MDM/MAM) solution has been redone to take advantage of a number of business features in iOS 7. It has added a number of the new operating systems security features, including enterprise single-sign on, third-party app data protection, VPN management, and others.


The award-winning app for saving content to read later has been thorougly revamped for the new OS. The new flatter design is more in keeping with iOS 7, and there are plenty of other changes as well. Lists can be scrolled faster, and layout and typography has been cleaned up. The most important new feature is that it can sync in the background, even when the app is closed. In order to do this, you need to enable it in Options.


The note-taking app -- my favorite cross-platform app of all -- has been redone to reflect iOS 7's cleaner look. Tabs are gone, and you can now go straight to your most recent notes from the main screen. Other new features include the ability to create reminders on the Home screen, and creating notes more quickly with Quicknote. You can also take photos to embed in a note more quickly as well.


Fans of this text editor will see a new iOS 7-like look throughout the app. The app also uses a new iOS 7 framework called Text Kit to highlight important text and other elements in a paragraph, while dimming less important text and elements. Navigation and text entry have been improved. And you can now share documents using AirDrop.

There are obviously plenty of other apps -- productivity and otherwise -- that have been redesigned for iOS 7. The simplest way to get them is to head to the new "Designed for iOS 7" section in the App Store.

Finally, a word of warning: You may not want to upgrade to iOS 7 right away. As I've warned in Why upgrading to iOS 7 could be a productivity killer there are reasons to wait before committing to the new OS.

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