One super simple way to make happy employees

Grab 2 minutes and 10 numbers to keep your employees content

Think about all the time, money and effort you spend hiring an employee. Then there's all the work to get them trained for, settled in and acclimated to their new position.

After all, your goal is smart, hard-working, long-term employees. The last thing you want to do is lose them.

That means the first thing you need to do is find ways to improve employee retention and, lucky for you, this tip could not be easier.

The key, recruiting expert Tom Gimbel tells Inc., is caring about your employees, and he shares one nearly effortless way to do so:

Put their phone number in your cell.

That's it.

Gimbel advises sending staffers a quick text on their birthday or passing along a link or picture whenever you stumble across something in which you think they'd be interested.

It all boils down to "taking an interest in your employees and your staff, that they're more than just producing revenue for you, that you care about them and their future growth and how they are as a person," he says.

This seemingly inconsequential move will go a long way toward keeping your employees happy and retaining them, Gimbel notes.

"People love to work for people who care about them," he adds.

via Inc.

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