How to write an impossible-to-resist LinkedIn headline

The top mistake to avoid and a can’t-miss formula to make your profile stand out.

Take it from us, headlines matter. Why? Well, you are reading this right now, so there you go.

You can write the most engaging, well-written, hilarious story in the world (ahem), but no one will click through if your headline is lame.

Same thing goes for LinkedIn. You can sport the most amazing, eye-popping profile of all time, but no one will check it out if your headline is "Network Operations Engineer." No offense, but, yawn.

Career strategist Michelle Evans has written a fantastic, simple how-to for crafting a captivating LinkedIn headline that will get people's attention.

And we're already covered Evans' No. 1 rule:

Don't allow your headline to default to your current job title.

Again, it's as compelling as "Insert Job Title Here."

So, how do you fix it?

Evans argues it depends on how you want to market yourself: as an expert; as an industry niche; business development, sales or start-up; or as a creative type.

For example, Evans says experts should use the following formula:

{Keyword/subject matter expert area} who {does what} for {client, company, audience, project}. {Proof point}.

Using that formula, you can turn "social media analyst" into

"Social Media Expert driving successful campaigns on a shoestring budget. 800%+ ROI in the past 12 months."

Quite the difference, eh?

Click the link below to read her formulas for the three other categories. And make sure you read the comments, too. There's good advice in there, as well.

via Brazen Careerist

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