Apps to power up and cash in on your personal brand

Here's how to make your brand more valuable, whether inside your company our out, and cash in on it.

Whether you work in a company or by yourself, you're a brand, not just a person, and that brand has value. Here are apps and Web sites you can use to increase its value and cash in on it.

How to measure the value of your brand? It's something you can't really do in financial terms by yourself. Big companies like Apple and Google get the financial value of their brands measured by the Omnicom Group, whose annual Best Global Brands report recently rated Apple as the most valuable brand in the world, at $98.3 billion.

But you can get some sense of its worth, at least in social media terms. Head to Klout, register and fill out information, and you'll be able to see how you rate on your overall social media influence.

If you're looking to do more than just see your rating, head to Mention. It lets you monitor keywords used on the Web and social networks, forums and other places so you can see any time you're mentioned. You'll then be able use your social media accounts to weigh in whenever you're mentioned. The site also has apps for all of your mobile devices. The basic account is free, but there are also accounts with more features that require a monthly fee.

Also useful is Postling, an iPhone app that monitors social networking sites for mentions of you or your business. With it, you'll also be able to respond to comments about you on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, to enhance your personal brand.

If you work inside a company, the value of your brand can ultimately affect your salary and job title, although often in an indirect way. How to find out whether you're getting paid for what you're worth? Head to, and you'll be able to see the average salary for your current job title, given your location. Then compare what you find to your own salary. If you think you're undervalued based on what you find at, it's time to start negotiating for more.

If you work for yourself, there's a direct relationship between your brand and your income. As anyone who freelances or works for themself, though, you know how difficult it can be to put the right price on your labor and expertise. Now there's an app that helps. MyPrice takes into account your expertise, education, geographic location client, and more, and calculates how much you should charge for a project.

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