Don't treat your next job interview like a game show

Why candidates need to ask their own set of questions in a job interview

When we think "job interview," the idea is quickly followed by: "What are they going to ask?"

After all, the interviewer is there to ask you questions and determine whether you'll be a good fit for the position. Your main focus is not asking questions, but answering them.

Yet, AOL Jobs' Miriam Salpeter notes that an interview is not a one-way street, and smart candidates take advantage of the face time with their own set of questions.

"Don't miss this opportunity to find out information that may help you make your case for being hired and impress the interviewer simultaneously," she notes.

So don't just sit there and answer questions like you're on a game show. Salpeter has a list of several questions job candidates should always pose, including one that will show your intelligence, preparedness and confidence right off the bat:

What's the most important initiative for the person you hire in the first month?

Salpeter says the benefits of this are two-fold. First, you'll get a glimpse into future expectations if you get the job. And "if the reply seems too vague, overreaching or unrealistic, you'll have the heads up that if you take the job, you could be in for a difficult start," she adds.

Also, a candidate who comes armed with their own intelligent, thoughtful questions looks like they did their homework and truly want the job – two factors that will always play in your favor.

Click below for more questions interviewees should ask, as well as what they shouldn't.

via AOL Jobs

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