Change Microsoft Office 2013's default search engine from Bing to Google

Not surprisingly, Microsoft's own search engine is the default one in Microsoft Office. But you can change that.

Microsoft Office 2013 includes a new, handy feature that lets you select one or more words and search the web for more information about it. Bing is the default provider, but if you prefer Google (or another engine), a simple registry hack is all it takes to change the default search engine used by Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and the other Office programs.

The GuidingTech GuidingTech blog highlights the steps to change the registry entry. Basically, you need to get to the Registry Editor by hitting Windows+R and typing in regedit.

In the Registry Editor, go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\General

Right-click on SearchProviderName and select "Modify..." then change the string value to "Google" (without the quotes).

Finally modify the SearchProviderURI string value to "" (again, without the quotes).

After closing the Registry Editor, now when you right-click on a word or phrase, the option to search will say "Search with Google" and take you to the Google search results, instead of Bing.

Check out the source post for step-by-step instructions or if you want to use a different search provider, such as Yahoo or

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