Hey, good lookin', you're headed for the corner office

Studies show attractive people more likely to rise to leadership

Heads-up: This story will either be the best thing you've read all day or insanely depressing.

That typed: Attention, beautiful people, you're so gonna be the boss.

Business Insider's Jenna Goudreau reports something that is really not a surprise when you think about it: Attractive people get pretty much whatever they want, even in the business world.

What you need aesthetically to get ahead:

Men: Height

Women: Large eyes, plump lips and smooth brows

Both: "Executive presence", which combines authority and good communication skills with looks.

And the wild card - confidence. Act like you've been there before and have great body language. And don’t forget a clipboard. A clipboard and an air of confidence will get you anywhere.

What if you're not one of the beautiful people? Goudreau says despair not, there's hope for you yet. While attractiveness helps, it's not the end-all, be-all. Click below for the one key leadership trait that is independent of looks and can be harnessed by anyone.

via Business Insider

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