Keep your old Facebook posts out of search with this one settings change

This is what to do now that Facebook is making everything you've ever shared on it searchable to everyone

Facebook's latest privacy change is a tweak to Graph Search, which unlocks basically every comment, status update, photo, check-in, and more that you've ever done on the social network. This includes old posts from perhaps years ago that might not be impressive to future employers and others. Here's how to protect those Facebook posts, now and going forward. (At least, until Facebook changes its privacy settings again.

The setting is called Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline. It's buried under the settings gear > Timeline Settings > Privacy (from the left menu) > Limit Past Posts. Or just click here to get directly to the settings.

Click the "Limit Past Posts" button and Facebook will change all the content on your Facebook timeline that were set to "friends of friends" or "Public" to just your Friends. Facebook also says you can change the settings on individual past posts, but who has time for that? (Of course, for posts you don't want to show up for anybody, you need to delete individual posts.)

Facebook limit old posts

Anyone who is your friend on Facebook can still find those old posts on search, but this will ensure old, possibly incriminating or embarrassing posts don't show up for non-friends.

Going forward, make sure every time you share something on Facebook you have the appropriate group (Public, Friends, Only Me, or a custom group) selected in the dropdown button next to the Post button. Or, like me, you can just give up on chasing privacy on Facebook.

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