The secret to higher productivity: Do less

Why professionals need to stop multitasking

Thanks to today's workplace, work pace and technology, professionals are being asked to do more in less time, a circumstance that was spawned the concept of multitasking.

We all do it: Responding to e-mail and sorting through paperwork all while on a conference call and checking Google calendar on your phone.

We all do it because it's the only way we can get everything done, right? Time management expert and author Craig Jarrow argues multitasking is actually holding today's professionals back, causing them to get a lot done, but at a steep price.

"Doing many tasks at once isn’t the answer," he notes. "Multitasking divides your attention and leads to sloppy mistakes."

Jarrow states that people can get more done by abandoning that habit and tackling to-dos the good, old-fashioned way: one step at a time.

"Contrary to the multitasker’s creed, you’ll actually get more tasks done by doing them individually," he notes. "As well, you’ll do it quicker and with fewer mistakes and less rework."

Another key - and this is tough - turn off your tech.

"Close your email, turn off the phone, and put down the unneeded tech while you are working," he advises.

Click below for other easy practical steps for getting more done in less time.

via Time Management Ninja

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