Put your unused domains to good use

Domains4Good will use traffic to your parked domains for good social causes

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Using the name of the Biebs for good

Chances are you have some unused Internet domains lying around, ignored and forgotten. After all, there are currently 147 million (give or take) registered top level domains not all of which, obviously, are being actively used. If you own such a domain, that maybe you intend to use for a future purpose, or that you once used but forgot about, you can now put it to work for a good cause thanks to creators of Domains4Good.org.

The idea, which grew out of a recent #Hack4Good hackathon in San Francisco, is simple: take any such domains you may own and configure them to send their traffic to Domains4Good.org. Those requests will be automatically redirected to the website of a social cause. A different cause is chosen each day by the visitors to Domains4Good.

There’s no cost to you, just the small effort to set it up. To do so, you simply edit (or create) the CNAME record for the domain and point it at Domains4Good.org. You still own the domain and, if/when you decide to make use of it again, you can simply change (or remove) the CNAME record.

I just did it for a domain I own but no longer use. Took about 30 seconds. Easy-peasy. 

Some have questioned whether there are better ways to make use of unused domains for good like, say, putting up advertising on those sites and donating the revenue, instead. Indeed, that might benefit the causes more directly, but it also requires more work from people. This method is about as simple as it gets. 

If you, or your company or business, have such domains lying around gathering dust, why not to put them to a better use, at least until you figure out what to do with them?

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