Ridiculous details to leave off your resume

Crazy, irrelevant details found on actual resumes

We're always telling you what to put on your resume, now we're going to tell you what to leave off.

Hiring managers recently weighed in with the craziest resume mistakes they've ever seen, such as writing it in Klingon.

Now, Luke Roney over at CareerBliss has gone one step further, polling employers on the wildest, most irrelevant facts they've seen on resumes (written in English, we assume).

To wit: "An Amex Black Card Holder."

While this may be a compelling detail over at Match.com, we're pretty sure your future employer doesn't give a rip, unless you're applying at American Express. If that's the case, then well done, you.

Another: "Valedictorian in the 6th Grade"

We swear these are true, although this one pushes the boundaries of belief. For real, who would write that, unless you're whipping up your CV in conjunction with your 7th grade presidential bid?

Roney says these whoppers underscore the importance of only including relevant, quantifiable information on your resume - a document that on average a hiring manager, screener or recruiter will scan in just 6 seconds. Six.

"Just take a look at the job posting and then at your resume and ask: Does this information directly address the skills or experience the employer is looking for?" he advises.

Don't waste their time - and your chances - with stupid details. While they may give the screener a chuckle, they'll kill your chances for an interview.

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via U.S.News & World Report

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