The trick to writing e-mail that gets read

One simple way to ensure your messages are read

An e-mail message is useless if it's left unopened.

Given that the average corporate employee sends and receives more than 100 e-mails daily, how do you ensure your message gets the recipient's highly desired attention?

"People often decide whether to open an e-mail based on the subject line," career coach Barbara Pachter tells Business Insider. "Choose one that lets readers know you are addressing their concerns or business issues."

Katie Smith Milway, author of The Art of Irresistible Email, tells Harvard Business Review that there are several ways for making your messages more compelling, starting with the very first thing your recipient sees: the subject line.

Milway notes the trick with a subject line is to make it specific enough to grab the person's attention, but not so specific you run out of space and trail off in a blaze of ellipses.

"Most of us already use our subject line to predict the 'what' of the email, e.g. 'Monthly Financials,' " she notes. "But it’s also the place to build a personal bridge: 'Monthly Financials, per Peter’s request,' or to indicate urgency: 'Monthly Financials. Need feedback by Tuesday.' "

Click below for more concrete ways to write e-mail busy professionals via read.

ia Harvard Business Review

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