More Cloud Options Coming Soon

If you're not convinced yet that mobile and cloud are the way things are moving, maybe you should be. News announcements this week from major enterprise IT players Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce were all about making things easier for enterprises to develop mobile apps that take advantage of the cloud; if the big vendors are moving that way fast, it's probably a good idea for you to take a look, too.

On the Microsoft front, at a new-ish developers conference in San Francisco the Redmondites showed off Azure Mobile Services, which are designed for building mobile back-end application capabilities. InfoWorld's Paul Krill has a good recap of the cloud- and mobile-based themes of the announcements, and Simon Bisson over at CITEWorld has an additional in-depth look at the news. Bottom line, Microsoft knows it needs to help developers build mobile and cloud, and feels like it has the right resources to do so.

I think the headline on Nancy Gohring's CITEWorld story on Oracle's announcements says it all: Larry Ellison admits it: Quick, cheap and cloud are the future. Certainly, Oracle's announcement of integration with Salesforce was a huge step forward, crushing Ellison's not-small ego in the process (he had long sniped at former employee Marc Benioff's web-centric CRM company). Nancy's analysis spells out the historic change:

"He [Ellison] built an empire on traditional enterprise software, purchased by a central IT department that worked through expensive and lengthy implementations to ultimately foist it on workers. But now he admits times have changed. 'When you move to the cloud, companies don’t expect a multi hundred million dollar project to make their CRM from Salesforce work with ERP from Oracle,' Ellison said on a conference call this afternoon with Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce. 'We have to make that implementation work out of the box.' "

Will cloud- and mobile-centric moves by the big software players make you take a look in their direction? Or are your cloud efforts already moving somewhere else? I think these moves are inevitable, if not too late. The key will be seeing how many developers follow the titans' lead.

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