500 free programming books? GitHub's got 'em

A new repository is devoted to a list of free online programming books

free_books-600x450_0.jpgImage credit: flickr/Rusty Clark
NOTE: Not the actual books referred to in this post

Are you in need of some programming reference materials? Maybe you need a book to help you brush up on your C++ or Java or to start learning Ruby but are a little short of cash? Well, then there’s a new GitHub repository for you!

Victor Felder has taken an old StackOverflow thread listing free, online programming books, cleaned out some dead links and added some new ones and put it all on GitHub. He’s hoping this will make it easier to crowdsource the list and, based on the initial activity, it seems to be working.

As of when I write this, the list includes more than 500 books covering about 80 languages, platforms and topics, from Ada to Windows Phone. Some of the titles available that caught my eye:

Too bad beach season is over; those sound like some real page turners!

Anyway, it looks like a pretty long and handy list of useful books. Take a look, or add to the list if you know of others.

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