How simple LinkedIn detective work pays off

Two easy ways to expand your network, reach

LinkedIn is a great tool for job hunting and networking, but just having a profile (and a picture) on the site isn't enough.

Once you've honed your profile and written a great headline, AOL Jobs' Miriam Salpeter says a few minutes of simple detective work can really help you extend your reach.

Specifically: Check who has viewed your profile.

Under the Profile tab you will find - ta da - Who's Viewed Your Profile. This is handy to see who's interested in you - and if they've checked our profile, they are interested.

"Keep an eye on this tab and you may wind up connecting with someone who can make a big difference in your career," Salpeter advises.

Another slightly Sherlockian to-do: Find fellow alumni.

Under the Network tab you will discover…Find Alumni, an easy way to track down former classmates or make a connection with other alums.

"You can see 'where they work,' 'what they do' and 'where they live,' " Salpeter notes. "It's a great opportunity to easily find and connect with people who share your alma mater."

Click below for two other ways you can get the most out of the professional social network.

via AOL Jobs

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