Worldwide workplace study: Pretty much everyone hates their job

New report finds 87% of worldwide workers ‘disengaged’ from their jobs

The latest worldwide job satisfaction numbers are in from Gallup and here's your Executive Summary: Nearly everyone across the globe hates their job.

The research organization's "State of the Global Workplace" report is out and finds that only 13% of workers across 142 countries are engaged in their jobs. Gallup defines engaged as "emotionally invested in and focused on creating value for their organizations every day."

Thirteen percent. If you're one to put stock in studies, that's downright depressing.

Even worse, the report finds "actively disengaged workers - i.e., those who are negative and potentially hostile to their organizations - continued to outnumber engaged employees at a rate of nearly 2-1."

Continuing in this thoroughly bummer vein, Gallup says employee engagement is a critical factor for the continued health and growth of businesses and its importance will only grow in coming years.

What's an organization to do? Gallup recommends:

Make engagement a part of everyday language.

The organization advocates regular communication from the C-level on down to "informal communication between employees." A combination of the two "will breed a culture of engagement."

Define engagement goals in realistic, everyday terms

Make goals relevant and well-known, reviewing them at weekly meetings and one-on-one with employees. The goals should also be tied into performance objectives, aka, raises and bonuses.

Select the right managers

"Instead of using management jobs as promotional prizes for all career paths, companies should treat these roles as unique, with distinct functional demands that require a specific talent set." Can we get an amen on that?

Coach managers and hold them accountable for their employees' engagement

Pretty self-explanatory, also see the previous two recommendations.

Find ways to meet employees where they are

Discover what motivates professionals and gets them invested in the company and their work. Leverage those factors.

Click here to download the entire report.

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