Apple event next Tuesday. New iPads expected, but what else?

Credit: Source: Apple

These days I'm not much of an Apple guy (though I do have an iPad 3 that I use fairly often) but back in the day things were different. I had all the orphaned Apple products: the G4 Cube, the "toilet seat" iBook (the blue one, not the orange one) that I got just before the new white design hit, an iMac G5 that still had that new computer smell when Apple jumped over to Intel.

It was during that time that I learned of my family curse: whenever I bought an Apple product, either it would be discontinued or a better version would come out within a few weeks to make my device obsolete.

Anyway, Apple has sent out invites for a press event to be held on October 22nd (next Tuesday). The tagline this time? "We still have a lot to cover." With the iPhones having been dealt with last month, it's a safe bet that we're going to see new iPads this time out.

The rumor mill seems to think that the regular iPad might get a bit narrower and that the iPad Mini may get a Retina display. Both will no doubt get a performance bump as well becoming lighter/thinner/better in magical ways.

We could see new MacBook Pros as well, but no one seems very interested in speculating about them in the run-up to the event. Not sexy enough I guess.

No one is talking about the iWatch lately but smart-watches are all the rage these days. I wonder if Apple will surprise us with something wearable?

But back to my family curse. I bought an Apple TV just a couple of weeks ago. I made sure to wait until after the iPhone event, just to be safe. And now there's another event and I know I'm doomed.

The rumor mill won't tell you this but I'm pretty sure Apple will roll out some super cool new Apple TV hardware that adds some great new features that aren't backwards compatible with the old gear. Maybe the ability to run tablet apps, or maybe some kind of game controller support. I'm not sure exactly what, but I just know come next Tuesday afternoon my Apple TV will be obsolete.

If it's really awesome, you can thank me and my curse for it.

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