How to make the best impression your first day on the job

Why bringing your lunch and being on time are mistakes

You got the job and now, on your very first day, you want to naturally make the best impression.

Eric Greenawald at The Daily Muse says there's one thing you absolutely should not do: Bring your own lunch.

Well, that's crazy talk. Am I supposed to starve? No, he says, ideally one of two things will happen. First, your new boss may take you out to lunch.

However, if he or she fails to feed you, you can use the first day as a time for socializing with your new coworkers by going out to lunch with them, Greenawald says. But what if your coworkers are all sporting brown bags?

"Make friends with your cubicle-mate by seeing if he or she wants to go out to eat with you anyway: 'Hey! I totally forgot my lunch at home this morning. Want to save yours for tomorrow and grab a bite with me close by? My treat!' " he adds.

Whether it's your boss or your coworkers, resist the temptation to eat alone and stare at your phone. Get to know your office mates and make a good impression via your soft skills.

Something else you should avoid on Day 1: being on time.

"You should never plan on getting to the office on time on your first day. You should plan to get there extra, extra early. As in, half an hour early," Greenawald says.

This extra time buffer helps in two ways:

1. If there's traffic or transportation delays, you'll still be on time.

2. If you're early, it makes a great first impression.

Click below for more dos and don'ts on your first day.

via The Daily Muse

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