What's the best day to submit your resume?

Inside the statistical best day of the week to apply for a job

If you want to boost your chances for getting your next job, Bright.com says you should submit your resume on a Monday.

The site that matches job hunters and recruiters studied millions of its job listings and applications posted and concluded that Monday is the best day for a person's job search to advance, such as getting a call for an interview.

The study found:

30% of those applying on a Monday moved to the next step of the hiring process.

37% of job hunters submit resumes on a Tuesday, but only 20% of those move forward.

The worst day to submit a resume? Unsurprisingly, Saturday. Five percent of job seekers submit resumes on the weekend, with only 14% moving ahead.

Bright.com Senior Analyst Jacob Bollinger told ABC News that Monday morning resume submitters may have an advantage simply due to good timing. As the work week proceeds, hiring managers receive more resumes. Those that arrive on Monday are less likely to be passed over because they were in first and grabbed the screener's eye.

via ABC News

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