Microsoft's "Week of Xbox Live" showcases Xbox One features

Microsoft has been pumping out all kinds of Xbox One info this week, most of it in video form. Let's catch up a bit.

This first video is ostensibly about racing accessories for the Xbox One, but I liked it because it offered some of the best video of Forza 5 I've seen so far:

This one is about how Xbox is 'built for the future' and it has a pretty high nonsense factor early on. Apparently logging into your Xbox account from any Xbox and having your configuration stored on Microsoft's servers is ground-breaking because now instead of saying "Microsoft's servers" we say "cloud." Ahh marketing. This is less than amazing for those of us who play, say, MMOs.

That said, Albert Penello actually convinced me to hook up Kinect to my Xbox One when he mentions just being able to say "Xbox record that" while playing and the Xbox will record the previous few minutes of your gameplay. The fact that you don't have to take focus off the game at all, just call out, is pretty compelling to me.

There's also some interesting stuff about Smart Glass in here. As far as exactly how Xbox One is built for the future? Well they're pretty vague about that.

Next up is a video about multiplayer. They talk about the advantages of dedicated servers (and separately, on Twitter Albert Penello confirmed that all Xbox One multiplayer games will have dedicated servers), community achievements and of course, cloud! Every time a Microsoft employee says 'cloud' an angel gets its wings. Or something.

In this next video, Larry Hryb takes us through the new Xbox One Friends list. This video is refreshingly marketing-speak free. Thanks Major Nelson!

Originally we were supposed to be able to (optionally) use real names instead of gamer tags, but that feature has been delayed and won't be ready for launch. Hey Microsoft, how about giving us some space to write notes to ourselves about our friends so we can remember who is who?

OK one last item. Gaming video site Machinima has announced a companion app for the Xbox One. So what's so special about that? Well while you're playing a game you can shout "Xbox Snap Machinima" and you'll get the Machinima app in a narrow window next to the game you're playing. What's cool is that the Machinima app is aware of the game you're playing and it will offer you "Wingman" videos for that game. The idea is that if you're stuck on a boss or something Machinima will automatically bring up a list of videos that show you how to beat it.

Sounds really cool in theory; we'll see how it works in practice. You can learn more about it in the video below or at Xbox Wire

Microsoft declared this week "The Week of Xbox Live" and by rolling out all these videos I feel like they're doing a decent job of distancing themselves from the bungled Xbox One reveal and getting gamers excited about the launch of the console in a little over a month. At least, they're getting this gamer excited, but maybe I'm just an easy mark for marketing videos.

Anyone else hyped about the launch?

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