How a new Facebook profile option can help your job search

Why you need to check out – and fill out – the Professional Skills area

We know you don't like it and have been trying to avoid the reality, but your Facebook profile will have a bearing on your future job search. We know, we're sorry.

The good news? There's a new option in your profile that will help attract potential employers and advertise you as the smart cookie that you are. It's the Professional Skills category, which is found at the end of the Work and Education area, reports Erik Sherman of AOL Jobs.

The Professional Skills area is just one of several categories you should fill out - in detail - so employers looking for a person of your background and skill set can find you. Sherman says the other areas you want to flesh out are:

  • Location
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Work

"But," you argue, "I don't want employers to find me on Facebook." Well, as we noted up top, it's out of your hands thanks to the site's new Graph Search feature, which lets people search Facebook by areas of interest, skills, career and more. That's the sunny side.

The reality: You are no longer able to hide your Facebook profile from an Internet search. When potential employers research you online - and you know they do - your Facebook profile will appear.

"Leaving too much of the wrong things public on your profile can cost you opportunities," Sherman notes. "But for name, education, occupation, work, location, and professional skills, be sure that you set the privacy rating to public so anyone can see it. Otherwise, all the time you just spent updating what becomes your Facebook resume won't matter because companies wouldn't be able to see it."

Click below for more advice on how to rework your Facebook settings, privacy and more for maximum career potential and minimum embarrassment.

via AOL Jobs

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