The No. 1 personality trait of successful professionals

The one distinguishing quality that puts you head and shoulders above your peers

There's the old movie or TV trope about the protagonist who needs to get into a place he's not supposed to be. And he successfully does just that armed only with two things: a clipboard and confidence.

Think about the successful professionals you know. How do they carry themselves? How do they feel about their work? How do they act among colleagues and clients?

The one underpinning trait you will find is confidence.

"Be confident, not cocky," advises former Fortune 500 exec and now start-up cofounder Molly Cain in Forbes.

She notes confident people are the opposite of "The Apologizer," one of several types of professionals who will never succeed due to an unfortunate personality trait.

"The Apologizer will discredit themselves as soon as they open their mouth," Cain notes. "They will start a presentation with qualifying statements like the one above or they will ask for a raise by saying, 'I know we don’t have a lot of money, but…' They lose these deals because they show a massive lack of confidence in the statement, regardless of topic."

Bottom line: Be confident, not cocky, and don't discredit yourself or your work by apologizing unnecessarily.

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via Forbes

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